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All ’80s, All The Time!

Ahhh, the ‘80s. No other decade stands out in Pop Culture like the Decade of Excess. The Eighties saw a boom in the Economy, AIDS Awareness, Recycling, Technology and most notably – Music. MTV drove the music of the 1980’s by putting music videos in heavy rotation from popular artists in all musical genres.

80s Artist Page Rip Through

Artists in the 80s Mixed rotation include the King of Pop – Michael Jackson, The Material Girl – Madonna, Past “American Idol” Judge – Paula Abdul, The Artist Known as Prince and Cyndi Lauper just to name a few.

80s Pop Icons Page Rip Through

We also feature rare 12 Inch Singles from David Bowie, Lionel Richie, Samantha Fox, and Debbie Gibson. We’ll take you right back to when Ronald Regan was President of the United States of America, Dominos told us to “Avoid The Noid” and Pepsi was cool.

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What the fans say…


I am loving all of the Freestyle Hits you guys are playing! Brilliant. Great job! Keep ’em coming.

Mission Viejo, California – U.S.A.


Best 80s Station

This is the best 80’s station out there. I prefer this station over Sirius XM. Love the website too.

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania – U.S.A.


What The Doctor Ordered

To a former Night Club Disc Jockey – your online station is just what the doctor ordered. Thanks!

Jacksonville, Arkansas – U.S.A.


My Favorite Station

80s Mixed is my favorite Internet station. Thanks again for the memories, I’ll continue to be a huge fan.

Stockton, California – U.S.A.


Thank You

The music and the flashbacks bring back so many memories of my youth! Thank you guys so much!

Brisbane, Australia


I Love It

I found your radio station a couple of days ago on my device and I love it! I never change it!

Glace Bay, Canada


Killing It

Checking in from Philly and you guys are KILLING IT! I’ve liked every song that I’ve heard.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – U.S.A.


Love This Station

I love this station. I listen for hours a day while working. The music never gets old. 80s Mixed is pure perfection!

Las Vegas, Nevada – U.S.A.


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